After decades of being misdiagnosed, numerous doctors visits, tests, and procedures I was told that I had a “sensitive stomach.” Feeling that there was more to my “sensitive stomach” I reached out to Courtney at Better Gut Better Health. With her knowledge and expertise, I have gained knowledge and confidence about nutrition, and digestive health. After working with Courtney I can say that I am no longer experiencing symptoms and can eat confidently without fear of experiencing unpleasant symptoms. I would recommend Better Gut Better Health to anyone who wishes to gain, maintain, or manage control of their digestive health.

Mary, NH

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I would not be where I am today without Courtney Guarino, MS, RDN, LD. I started seeing her back in February 2020 in addition to seeing an individual therapist. Before I started treatment with Courtney, I struggled with disordered eating and poor body image for 10+ years. Through my work with Courtney, I am now at a very different place than I was 8 months ago. I now speak to myself with compassion. I am able to notice my hunger and fullness cues and honor them. I am able to respect my body even on poor body image days. I no longer protect or hide my eating disorder. Courtney helped me embrace intuitive eating whilst also rejecting diet culture. Together, we actively worked on my thoughts and feelings associated with food and my body, developed a balanced lifestyle where I can eat foods that both nourish and satisfy me, and addressed my body image concerns. She was able to recommend vitamins and nutrients that I needed based on my diet and lifestyle to help me feel more energized and alert in my everyday life. I would recommend Courtney to anyone. She is warm, empathetic, compassionate, funny, and knowledgeable. I always felt comfortable to talk to Courtney about anything without being judged. If you are looking for a dietitian, I recommend Courtney without any reservations.

Alyssa, NH

I came to Maria after almost a year of symptoms with LPR. (Fancy term for acid reflux that reaches your throat.) I had seen doctors and specialists and nothing was working. I felt super hopeless. After a few months with Maria I have found the cause and know how to keep my symptoms away. Soooo great to feel normal again. Thank you Maria!!!!

Kyle, N.H.

I started seeing Maria six months ago to address a cholesterol problem. Maria recommended blood chemistry testing which helped us identify markers and allowed us to work out a healthy plan. This allowed me to reduce my cholesterol levels to a normal range and avoid the use of statins. This in itself was a huge benefit! However, since then we also worked on strategies to improve my energy and reduce stress which I am happy to say worked very well. I would recommend Maria for anyone seeking a healthy, natural alternative to treating health issues.


I started seeing Maria six months ago to address a cholesterol problem. Maria recommended blood chemistry testing which helped us identify markers and allowed us to work out a healthy plan. This allowed me to reduce my cholesterol levels to a normal range and avoid the use of statins. This in itself was a huge benefit! However, since then we also worked on strategies to improve my energy and reduce stress which I am happy to say worked very well. I would recommend Maria for anyone seeking a healthy, natural alternative to treating health issues. Sheryl

I started going to Maria Larkin after a friend recommended her to me. She is absolutely brilliant and super friendly! For years I have dealt with stomach issues resulting in bloating, framing, gas, diarrhea, nausea and vomiting. Over the few visits I have been to so far, Maria has not only been able to diagnose my issue but also help my gut heal. My stomach and gut is better than ever. I have never felt as good as I do now since I have been seeing her. She offers the best herbal supplement plan that helped me level everything out quickly and efficiently. I highly recommend her if you are having these same issues and are not getting answers from your gastro. 

Brittany, NH

I was really struggling with fatigue before I met with Maria. After a couple of visits and solid recommendations from Maria, I feel much better. I have seen real improvement in my daily life and outlook. Thanks Maria! 

Rick, NH

Over the past few years I’d noticed a slow but steady decline in my general health.  As time went on I felt less energetic, always on the verge of “fighting something off”.  I would wake up with enthusiasm but quickly find myself lying back down to rest.  For the longest time I fluffed it off as a sign of getting older or maybe just being a bit out of shape, but after being diagnosed with 3 autoimmune diseases and being told by doctors that we were in “watchful waiting” mode I decided to find out why my body was attacking itself.  Enter Maria.  With the right tests and a protocol Maria designed specifically for my issues, I was on the road to recovery.  Six months later I can’t believe how good I feel.  My energy is back and stable throughout the day (I truly had forgotten what that felt like!).  My quality of life is back and it’s all thanks to Maria and her staff. 

Lori, ME

I stumbled upon Maria’s website when I was fed up with not feeling well.   My stomach was hurting me, I had gain weight and didn’t have the energy or motivation to exercise.  I knew I needed to make a change but didn’t want to go through my usual pattern of yo-yo dieting.   Maria was incredible!  She recommended that I get some tests to know exactly the protocol we needed to follow.  I was amazed and scared at the same time by the results of these tests. Maria was in her element and knew exactly what needed to be done to get me on the right track.  It has now been about 6 months, I have lost about 15 pounds and more importantly I feel incredible!  I feel very fortunate that I stumbled upon Maria.


It has been about 20 years that I have suffered from gas and gut issues. I learned several years ago that I was lactose intolerant, but even without lactose, many of my issues continued. My internist made a diagnosis of IBS, but I thought there was more to my problems. Maria helped me realize that I have an intolerance to gluten, and set me on a path that has me feeling the best I have felt in 20 years. Not only do I feel physically better, but my anxiety and depression is relieved. I did not know that gut health and mental health are so connected. Thank you Maria! 

Marcia, NH

For my whole life I’ve had a relatively healthy digestive system. I was able to eat almost anything without thought or consequence. About a year ago that all changed. I found myself experiencing cramps, gas and severe bloating, every time I ate, regardless of what I ate. Cutting out dairy didn’t help and the tests for celiac disease came back negative. I couldn’t understand why all of my favorite healthy foods were making me feel sick. After an inconclusive endoscopy, I was diagnosed with IBS. Saying I was frustrated is an understatement. Thankfully, my doctor recommended Maria to me. During my first session I described my symptoms and she listened, she understood why I was frustrated and gave me a possible explanation. I scheduled the tests she recommended I have done and three weeks later I had my diagnosis. I was able to begin treatment immediately and Maria worked with me on temporarily changing my diet to help alleviate symptoms. Four months later, I am finally beginning to feel like myself again, Maria listened to me when my doctors wouldn’t. I believe if it weren’t for her I’d still be suffering from a mystery illness, living off of eggs, boiled chicken and rice cakes. She helped me get my life back and saved me thousands of dollars that would have been spent on invasive medical tests. For that I am forever grateful.

Eileen, NH

My whole life I could eat basically anything I wanted to eat without any ill consequences. Everything changed when I turned 45, I began suffering from cramping, bloating, gas, constipation, diarrhea and acid reflux. For nine years I was afraid to eat at times, living off of multi-grain bread and fruit smoothies. I bounced from gastroenterologist to gastroenterologist who just prescribed me medications that just masked my gastric issues versus getting down to the root of the problem. Couple years ago I moved from Massachusetts to New Hampshire within the first year living in NH I ended up in the ER with kidney stones. I was sent to see a surgeon regarding the removal of my gallbladder, she performed a function test. My gallbladder was functioning at 70% So, she felt that there was no need to remove my gallbladder So, this wonderful NH surgeon referred me to Maria. I sometimes wonder if I still lived in Mass if I would have a gallbladder today. During my first visit with Maria, I felt she truly listens and has tremendous concern and care Maria looks for physical signs and gave me a diagnosis and recommends a natural healthy regiment. Within the first week, I knew that I was getting better and after the fifth visit (visits were once a month) I don’t suffer from any more of my symptoms and I’m slowly able to reintroduce some of the healthy foods I had to avoid. Now family members who have seen me suffer for years and now at 55 see me healthy again, they want to go see Maria for issues that they suffer from, I’m so grateful to know Maria !!!!

Mary, NH

A friend recommended Maria and I am so thankful for that recommendation. I had major surgery in 2012 which created lesions throughout my intestines.Besides the lesions resulting from the surgery, I have ulcerative colitis affecting my entire intestines. I was at the point of being in the hospital every two months for bowel obstructions when I made my first appointment with Maria. In her caring, understanding ways, she listened, took notes and explained in detail (what I truly understood for the first time) what was taking place in my digestive system. All her recommendations such as different supplements, dietary changes, active life style and getting me off omeprazole (after realizing my issue was that I had low stomach acid not high stomach acid) has changed my life dramatically for the good~~ This past Nov made one year since I’ve been in the hospital for an obstruction!!   Thank you Maria!! 🙂

Donnita, NH

Thank you for everything, Maria. I feel 100x better because of you!

Tayler, NH

I was looking for someone to help me figure out the root causes to some health issues I have been experiencing. Conventional medicine continued to offer expensive tests and a variety of medications that were only addressing the symptoms. I heard about Maria through several friends who had found her practical approach transformative. From the very first appointment I have found Maria to be exactly what I have been looking for. Her approach to health, getting to the root of issues and not just treating symptoms, is life changing. I feel so much better then I did a few months ago, and I am so thankful to Maria for her guidance to a better gut and to better health.

Lara, NH

I wanted to write you today to let you know I am studying Nutrition Health & Food Science and that you were a huge contributing factor to deciding this pathway. I wanted to thank you for all the help you provided me and for being a great Nutritionist. I hope that one day I will be as successful as you and help people the way you helped me.

Amelia, NH

Maria has been a great help to me as I’ve faced the challenges of SIBO.  She is an informed, caring, determined, motivating and positive professional, a true partner on the journey to healing your gut.  Many thanks, Maria!    

Marsha, NH

After my gastroenterologist gave me something for constipation and something for diarrhea, I became very frustrated. At what point do we actually investigate the root cause?! My thyroid was an issue as well, which just compounded my issues. After seeing Maria, I fired my gastroenterologist and my endocrinologist and have never felt better! Maria made that connection between my thyroid and my gut! I love the fact that she is able to make informed decisions with my care and treat with more effective and natural remedies! Especially where antibiotics have proven with me to be ineffective! In a world where you are seen by a medical provider for 10 minutes and are off with a “magic pill,” Maria is a diamond in the rough! She takes the time to know you and your issues and finds natural and healthier ways to cure the root cause of your problem. After suffering with issues my whole life and then seeing Maria, I feel like a completely different person! Much happier and certainly more healthy! Forever grateful to her!

Melissa, NH

I couldn’t speak more highly of a health care provider than I can for Maria. She has been my rock for the past 6 months, basically acting as a manager for my overall health and well being. She’s helped me to understand not only my gut health, but various other parts of my health as well! Her willingness to coordinate care with other providers has helped me immensely. I honestly don’t know what I would do without her. She goes above and beyond for me, unlike anything I’ve ever experienced. Maria has a passion for what she does, as well as the knowledge and understanding she needs to aid in my recovery process. I never feel like I’m at an appointment when I see her—she feels more like a mentor and a friend to me. I also love her functional medicine approach. I wish there were more health care providers like Maria!

Izzy, NH

If you are looking for a nutritionist who has in-depth knowledge and years of experience with many different gastric issues, Maria is the one you want to see! She has diagnosed and helped my own family with a myriad of problems….from runners’ anemia to sleep issues, to anxiety issues, to adrenal fatigue issues. She’s amazing and considerate and fun!
Just one example: my high school daughter went from extreme fatigue to one of this year’s top 200m runners for the state. Maria diagnosed her runners’ anemia and suggested a protocol to heal her! Thank you, Maria!

Patti, NH

Maria has been helping me for a few years. She is very patient and helped me to recover from constant nausea from gastroparesis and SIBO. I feel a lot better, have more energy, and am less depressed. I am now having soft, normal stools every day, thanks to Maria!

Jackie, NH

When I first made my appointment with Maria, I was nervous, as there were many puzzle pieces and quite a complicated medical history for us to sort through. This was the first time that any medical professional actually looked at the health forms they have you fill our and reviewed them with me. Maria set me immediately at ease as she listened to all my information; she has a great sense of humor, which kept encouraging me when I was struggling. Her knowledge of nutrition is incredible, and she explains it in a way that makes it easy to understand and fun. She takes her time to answer your questions, and she is always prepared for your appointment with notes and items to review. She helped me sort through many of my puzzle pieces to create a clear picture. I am practicing what she has taught me and look forward to having future appointments with her to show her my progress and let her know about my happy tummy!

Jennifer, NH

Since working w/ Maria, I feel that I know so much more now about the way my gut works and b/c of that I am on the way to being healthier and happier. Maria has given me a multitude of tools to better my health situation. When I started seeing Maria, I had IBS and SIBO, which she helped me resolve. My depression, allergies and asthma are becoming better as a result. Additionally, I no longer binge eat, and I am more aware of my hunger and fullness, what I am eating and how it serves me. The Paleo Cleanse Detox program really helped her eat more clean and I lost 10 lbs while on the program which I have not gained back.

Amanda, NH

I am excited about this. I left your office feeling so informed and hopeful. I also want to thank you for your way of talking to me. I never felt judged by you or made to feel bad by you for taking a lax each night or for skipping meals on weekends. THAT means a lot. I’m looking forward to working with you.

Laurie, NH

Maria has been like my own personal detective helping me to find the pathway towards my goal of my personal best health. Though I am still on the journey, it is great having her guidance helping me to understand deficiencies in my lab work and diet and the reasons for them. She is a great resource and I’m so glad I found her.

Dawn, NH

You have CHANGED MY LIFE and I am SO thrilled we are on our way to a bigger answer so I can be strong again.

Amanda, NH

Maria has been wonderful. She’s helped me with what I thought was an upset stomach, helped me diagnose my problem, and even helped me treat it! She is among the best and brightest of nutritionists. It’s been a blessing to have her in my life!

Anonymous Client

I have been receiving personal health care from Maria for the past couple of years. Before meeting Maria, I was under the care of a helpful pelvic floor therapist for interstitial cystitis. For quite a number of years I have had symptoms of pain in my side, chronic urinary tract infections, and general intestinal discomfort with certain foods. I had many tests, but none of the doctors seemed to be able to help me feel better. I was determined to find someone to look at my whole health situation, and to suggest dietary changes and supplements that would make a difference. I feel so fortunate because Maria was recommended to me by the pelvic floor specialist, and one of the doctors. I had no idea that some of the “healthy” foods I ate were adding to my discomfort. Maria knew exactly what medical tests to take that would help me understand my conditions. Then she proceeded to show me how to follow certain dietary restrictions to improve the symptoms. Maria was accommodating for my schedule, and was always quick to respond to any questions that I had. After years of struggling with my stomach and bladder, Maria has helped me to feel much better than ever before. Just knowing she is there for me, and has suggestions during flair-ups that lead me to feeling much better is a blessing.

Karleen, NH

Maria is the nicest person I have ever met. Out of all the people in my life she has treated me the best. I never even knew people could be like that. I have gone to see her for 6 years now for my eating disorder and stomach issues. I don’t know how she did it but she got me eating again and supported me the whole way. She has never given up on me. I call her my light, when I am so down and feel like I am in the dark without hope. I She even figured out I was lactose intolerent and now I feel so much better and found me a butter and cheese I could eat. She is the warmest, caring person I know. I am so grateful for all her help. I look forward to my next appointment. It is nice, she always thanks me for coming. I am thankful for her to see me ,that makes me smile. She has given me hope and definitely saved my life!!

Jean, MA

I am so grateful for the year that you took to invest in me, especially charging me on a sliding scale so that I could get the help I needed. You really bent over backwards to help me, and it was a huge support and encouragement. Thank you so much!


I think of you often and the difference you made in my life last year. In fact today- snow day- I made gluten free turkey chili for my work lunches and prepackaged them so I can keep them in the freezer at work and just reheat. I also prepackaged “backpacking ” nuts in plastic zip locks for snacks and bought gluten free protein snack bars as well. I want to feel good again and as you taught me diet has lots to do with it !!!

Laura, NH

Having stomach problems is not easy, and I am so fortunate to have met Maria. She is a life changer! Not only has she helped me treat my SIBO and introduce foods back into my diet, she has made me feel like a real, whole person again! Meeting her was a dream come true! Maria truly cares about my goals, and is determined to help me reach them. It’s such a relief to have someone on my team who cares and understands. With her help and support, I have found myself becoming much happier (not to mention healthier) – so thank you Maria!

Anonymous Client, NH

I have suffered from migraine headaches since age 18 (10 years) and have tried many different modalities to eliminate them without success. It was not until I met Maria that I got relief. I have not had a single migraine headache since. Her recommendations also reduced my anxiety, my constipation, restless leg syndrome, and my inability to concentrate. Thank you, Maria!!!

Jessica, NH

Today, for the first time in 10 years, the scale read a number under 200 pounds. Every time I think about it, I start to cry! I am excited about the progress that I have made under Maria’s guidance and am thankful that she suggested the “PaleoCleanse Plus 14 Day Detoxification Program.” I didn’t plan to continue with the Paleo way of eating after completing the cleanse, but I absolutely love it and have never felt better.

Jill, NH

I saw Maria just one time and by following her guidance, I felt better than I had since I was diagnosed with celiac. I am now having formed stools and no more gas, bloating and abdominal pain. It’s amazing. She is also a wonderful resource for not only myself but my family. She has compassion and a real drive to help people.

Peter, NH

I started seeing Maria this year for gastroparesis. I was bloated, with stomach pains and constipated. Ever since my meetings with Maria, the results have been outstanding. I now feel great and am no longer constipated. She is very knowledgeable and very caring. I would recommend for anyone with stomach issues to make an appointment with Maria. Thank you!

Suzanne, NH

First off I have never met anyone more personable and caring than Maria. She instantly makes you feel welcome and comfortable. I felt like I could tell her anything and everything. I had digestive issues for years that came and went and not one doctor I went to was able to find anything wrong with me. I was repeatedly told that I had IBS and there was nothing I could do. Once I started seeing Maria I instantly knew that no matter how long it was going to take she was going to help me. She took a deep and personal interest in my health and gave me the answers I was looking for. I can’t remember the last time I felt this great. Thank you Maria for all that you do! You have finally given me back my health and my life!


When I went home for my doctor’s appointment, I insisted per your recommendation my doctor run a huge panel of blood tests to determine any possible abnormalities and I found out that I have a series of thyroid issues. Because of this, I am getting treated and I’m trying to work on getting my health back. Thank you so much for your help, I really appreciate all the time and effort you put into helping me. I can’t thank you enough.

Anna, NH

After 53 years of digestive issues I found Maria who, after our first session, provided solutions that initiated newfound peace-and-quiet in my digestive system. Two years ago she got me started on a plan to stop diarrhea. The next step was to run a couple of tests to assess my overall digestive issues. From there she made recommendations for long term gut health that worked great. Things are still running like clockwork. I check in with her every few months and will continue to seek her advice if I encounter setbacks.

C Behn

Maria has been integral in restoring health to my gut which has solved many other issues I’ve been having for years. I had been to several different doctors over the years with minimal or temporary progress. Bring a notebook and pen; she’s a wealth of knowledge! Mike W

For years I suffered multiple issues including chronic skin rashes, fatigue, constipation and difficulty losing weight. I kept seeking a diagnosis from my pcp, my dermatologist, an allergist, etc. In 2014, my OB made the best referral of my life, to Maria. Within 5 minutes of meeting Maria, she nailed the diagnosis. SIBO. Follow-up GI tests confirmed SIBO and after a course of antibiotics and a low fodmap diet, my skin cleared up and my constipation was gone. I began to lose weight. Since then Maria has helped me learn how to live a much healthier lifestyle. She’s most recently been able to target the reason for my fatigue, which in turn has given me back my energy, my focus and my calm. I am forever grateful for Maria’s knowledge and guidance.

Sarah, NH

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