Are your cookbooks gathering dust?

Do you fantasize about making healthy meals but just can’t take the first step?

Maybe you already have a meal or eating plan in mind or have been prescribed one by your health care practitioner, but just don’t have the energy, focus or know-how to put it into action.

We at Better Gut Better Health know that life can get in the way of our best intentions to nourish ourselves and our families well.

So that’s why we are offering an exciting meal-planning program, which includes recipes with color photos, shopping lists and step-by-step planning guides along with over 20 different program options including: Low Fodmap, Anti-Candida, Anti-inflammatory, Autoimmune Paleo, Gluten-free.  You name it! The meal plan program also filters for a number of food allergies such as nuts or eggs and for certain food sensitivities.

You receive a complete menu package along with product information to make your trip to the grocery store or online grocery shopping a lot less stressful.

You have the option to pick a standard menu package from our list or you can fill out our Menu Planning Assessment Form so we can create a customized menu plan and deliver it either in person or virtually.

Can’t make up your mind which meal plan might work for you? 

Let us help by conducting a comprehensive nutritional assessment to help you get started . . .

Gastrointestinal Health

Leaky Gut Meal Plan: offers a 7-day plan focusing on easily digestible foods with plenty of phytonutrients and omega 3 fatty acids.

AntiCandida Meal Plan: get rid of brain fog, fatigue with this 7-day meal plan. All meals are free of sugar, yeast, dairy and foods that feed yeast.

Low Fodmap Meal Plan:this 7-day meal plan has been shown to reduce Irritable Bowel Syndrome IBS symptoms such as gas, bloating, diarrhea, constipation and pain.

Gut Healing Meal Plan:give your gut a break from common irritants such as grains and legumes. Boost your gut with good healthy microbes and gut-living nutrients.


Women’s Balancing Hormone Meal Plan: For healthy sex hormone production, detoxification, adrenal and thyroid function.

PCOS Meal Plan: A 7-day plan to combat insulin resistance and loaded with powerful hormone balancing nutrients.

Pre and Post Natal Meal Plans: Easy to prepare, leave leftovers and freezer friendly nutritious recipes that help with lactation, constipation.

Blood Sugar Regulation

Low Glycemic Meal Plan:this 3 meal plan with snacks uses ingredients with a Glycemic Index of less than 50 with plenty of fat, fiber and protein to help regulate blood sugars.

Low Carb Paleo Meal Plan:  focuses on whole-minimally processed foods. Carbs are provided by whole, high-fiber plant-based foods to keep your blood sugar balanced and reduce inflammation.

Whole Food Plant-Based Meal Plan: a completely animal-free approach to healthy eating, maximizing whole grains, vegetables and legumes, while minimizing refined sugars and oils.


Thyroid Health Meal Plan: a 7-day plan to support a sluggish thyroid, free of soy, gluten, dairy and goitrogenic foods.

Autoimmune Paleo Meal Plan: a 7-day meal plan filled w/ menus and recipes containing anti-inflammatory ingredients plus an elimination of inflammatory foods.

Elimination Meal Plan: 7 days of meals and snacks compliant with an elimination eating plan to help you figure our what’s eating you.

Antiinflammatory Meal Plan: free of inflammatory foods and packed with anti-inflammatory ingredients.Inflammation in the body contributes to weight gain, heart disease, arthritis and cancer.

Feeding and Eating Concerns

Rule of 3’s: for normalizing eating patterns in the midst of chaos based on flexible structure recommendations.

Family-Based Treatment (FBT) Meal Plan: for parents and guardians in efforts to help their adolescent child.

High Energy Meal Plan: for those who require a higher calorie and protein intake. Helpful for those who require weight restoration.

Budgeted Meal Plans for Busy Lives

Meal Prep Sunday Meal Plan: helps you prepare enough meals for 5 days in two hours with a prep guide that outlines step-by-step how to make it happen.

21-Day Reset Meal Plan: 3 weeks worth of meal plans, meal prep guide, shopping list and recipes to help revamp your eating patterns and look and feel your best.

Easy Peasy Slow Cooker Meal Plan: this plan has delicious “set it and forget it meals” with super simple recipes along with the itemized shopping list and prep guide.

Meal Plan Mania Meal Plan:shop once, cook once and eat well all week.

21-Day Transformation Meal Plan: 3 weeks of budget friendly meal plans with prep guide.