Rule of 3’s E-book by Maria Larkin


The Rule of 3’s – a Plan for Normalized Eating

2-in-1 Clinical Patient Guides

by Maria Larkin, M.ED, RDN, LD and Courtney Perrin, MS, RDN, LD

We are also including FREE of charge a one-page Rule of 3’s Sample Food Plan Menu supplement to the ebook – if you buy now!


Do your patients describe eating as chaotic? Would flexible structure help your patients discover their normalized eating habits?  Help your patients spend less time thinking about food and counting calories, and more time focused on recovery with this simple, appetite-based eating plan.

This 2-part eBook elaborates on the Rule of 3’s first mentioned in the book, Nutrition Counseling in the Treatment of Eating Disorders (2013).  Part 1 is designed for the clinician, while Part 2 is specific to the patient.

In part 1 of this eBook, all of your questions will be addressed including the following: How do I implement the Rule of 3’s with my patient? What is my role as the nutrition counselor? How do I know which patients are good candidates for the Rule of 3’s?

Part 2 is designed specifically for when you and your patient are in session together, during which the patient will learn more about the benefits of the Rule of 3’s, the nutritional components included in this plan, as well as, some discussion on hunger and fullness and meal planning.


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