Rule of 3’s – Patient Guide (only)


Patient Guide (only)

The Rule of 3’s – a Plan for Normalized Eating

by Maria Larkin, M.ED, RDN, LD and Courtney Perrin, MS, RDN, LD

We are also including FREE of charge a one-page menu supplement to the ebook if you buy now!


Does eating feel chaotic and out of control?   Do you need some structure for eating, but not too much, so that meals can be flexible?  Check out our Rule of 3’s E-book fresh off the press (1st edition) a tried-and -true eating plan which has proven successful for many of our clients.  Use it on your own or work with a dietitian (we are happy to help) to normalize your eating, connect w/ your hunger and fullness sensations,  be less preoccupied with diets and calories and most importantly be at peace with food.

Please note: This eBook must not take place of nutritional guidance from a Registered Dietitian.  Please consult with your medical team if you need help with your relationship to food or your body.


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